Welcome to the Belmont Country Club! We hope you enjoy your time here and have included some helpful information for your visit.

  • Clubhouse Phone Number: (419) 666-0440
  • Golf Shop Phone Number: (419) 666-1472
  • Tennis Phone Number: (419) 666-3454
  • Pool Phone Number: (419) 666-3515

Website:  thebelmontcountryclub.com


Applies to all members, children and guests:

With the fashion industry’s ever-changing designs, the Belmont Country Club Dress Code has and will evolve and adapt on a regular basis. With a diverse membership, our belief is the individual member shall decide what is most comfortable and proper for themselves while keeping the history and tradition of a private country club in their choices.

  •  Although proper dress is left up to the individual, something to remember is that bathing suits and tennis clothes shall be limited to the pool and tennis areas.
  •  We invite all members to utilize the clubhouse for dining and entertaining, but require that you change into attire that is at a minimum “country club casual” while dining on the main floor of the clubhouse.
  •  When dining on the lower level of the clubhouse, dress may be a bit more casual, however, sweatpants and cover-ups will still be limited to the tennis and pool areas. Tennis attire will be permitted on the lower level patios and 19th hole grille.  Pool attire will be limited to the pool area, but you may dine on the lower level patios and 19th hole grille provided a fashionable warm up is worn on top and bottom.
  • Occasionally, special events may encourage other dress code recommendations which will be communicated in advance.
  • Tradition suggest that gentlemen tuck in their shirts at all times and remove hats when entering the clubhouse.  When playing golf, gentlemen shall wear a collared shirt.
  • Although denim is permitted in the clubhouse, pool, and racquet areas, please refrain from this attire on the golf course.
  • It is expected that each member be responsible for monitoring their guests while on property.

We recognize that proper dress is an individual choice and believe that each member of Belmont and their invited guests will choose appropriate attire.  Any questions or concerns regarding the dress code should be directed to the appropriate department head or the COO. They will inform the President of the club for appropriate inquiry when necessary.

As a simple rule, be comfortable and enjoy your Belmont experience, while being respectful of your fellow member and the history and tradition of Belmont Country Club.


Golf Bag Drop

When arriving, proceed to the circle drive, dropping bags off at the stand.  Upon ringing the bell an attendant on duty will take your golf bags and assist you.  When departing, golf bags will be picked up in the same area.


Rental Clubs

Rental Clubs are available upon request for a nominal fee


Locker room

Please come to the Men’s or Women’s Locker Room where our locker room attendants will be happy to show you to your locker, get you a beverage and show you our facilities.


Soft spikes required

Everyone who plays at Belmont Country Club must wear non-metal or spike less golf shoes or court shoes.  To accommodate guests who do not have them, Soft spikes will be installed in the locker rooms.